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Khemenu yoga is a system which encompasses an array of disciplines (Hatha/Astanga/Kundalini/Khemetic Yogas, Meditation, Pranayama, Chakra work, among other practices). Khemenu Yoga reconnects Yoga to it ancestral, African roots and through Khemenu the whole mind/body/spirit continuum is beautifully developed.

What is Yoga?

It ain’t a religion.

The spirit does not care what label you stick on it. Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Traditionalist—these are only cloaks: particular religious forms of the universal spiritual substance. What yoga does is to provide a work-out to that substance—a nondenominational work-out. Go to any yoga ashram or school or studio. Time and again you’ll find a Methodist doing the Downward Dog next to a Sunni doing a Lotus next to a Catholic helping a Jew do a Head Stand. And all agree: as a spiritual exercise, the practice of yoga deepens the particular faith of each practitioner.



Meditation—Mental work. Clarity and peace are among the more widely known of meditation’s many extraordinary benefits. You also strengthen your immune system and deepen your spiritual awareness. You already know: To relieve stress and anxiety, develop intellectual acuity, will power and serenity meditation has no equal. And (unlike pharmaceutical anti-depressants, etc.), meditation gives you bliss relief with zero adverse side-effects.


Asanas—Body work. As a physical exercise system, no discipline heals, restores, fortifies or develops the human body as intimately or as profoundly as yoga. Innumerable clinical studies conducted by prestigious universities and medical bodies the world over confirm this. Every muscle and tendon between your toe bone and your head bone gets got. Every ligament too! And every organ, cellular structure, all of your metabolism and nervous systems are tweaked, massaged, trained, washed, combed and air-dried to soul-satisfying perfection.

And all with poetry and power.

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Bent Lotus Head Stand

Central nervous system.....

Standing Bow

Strengthening, balance.....

Bound Angle Pose

Demostrating strength and flexibilty.....